What is the Number 1 Diet and Exercise Myth?

I have been talking about exercise myths for three months now, but I haven’t tackled the biggest myth among exercises and diet.

diet and exercise
diet and exercise

Perhaps, it is because some trainers would just hide it since their job will be easier if they will just keep quiet about it. When I was starting out, my personal trainer told me perform specific exercises on where I want to lose the most fats.

This myth is also known as “spot reduction”. This belief has long been practiced as people tend to forget it as time went by.

Perhaps comparing it to something would help us remember the real deal with this belief. In this case, I want to compare it to a car since it is the best example I could think of (if you know something else to compare the belief to then you can compare it to that). A car is like a body where the fat can be considered as the gas of the body. The gas tank in your body can be found on any part of your body. Though, they may have different names; they are just the same after all.

How to get rid of the gas in the car? Either drain it off the gas tank (liposuction?) or… use the car to go wherever you want!

In order to get rid of the fats around your body, you need to combine exercise and diet.

Remember that your workout might focus on a certain part of the body, but it would never burn the fat on that area first, meaning that you can’t choose which part of your body to be fat-free.

“But I work-out and diet and I don’t lose weight!” Some people might say this, and this would be the best time to get help from trainers to help determine and fix the problem.

The problem lies when you have health issues. You might have a hard time losing weight. This might be because of the hormone imbalances and food allergies.

“So what would help me to lose those belly fats?”

First things first! Remember that your body fat is a continuous unit as far as fat loss is concerned. Your efforts will help you lose fat on every part of your body. Where you first lose fats depends on your genetics.

Second, strength training helps you to burn more fats compared to cardio workouts. Muscle use fat for energy even when you are resting.


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