Kegel Exercise Myths – 3 to 5

This is the second part of this article about Kegel exercise. Women should know it by heart since it won’t only help their sex life, but also improves their health.


kegel exercises
kegel exercises

3. Using a Kegel Exerciser reduces the Effectiveness of Kegel Exercises

A Kegel exerciser simply makes the Kegel exercises easier. The machine is created to make Kegel exercises much easier. These exercisers help locate and exercise the right group of muscles so that you get maximum benefits. Perhaps one of the best things about the exerciser is that you just need less effort on your part.

4. It is Impossible to Locate the Right Set of Pelvic Floor Muscles

Some women don’t like Kegel exercises that they tend to skip the idea of doing Kegel exercises only due to this myth. Although it may take some time before you find the right group of pelvic floor muscles, it is definitely not impossible.

Most women believe that they could do Kegel exercises only if they can start and stop the flow of urine. For an instance, let us assume that you could not interrupt the stream on the first attempt. Should you try again or think that your muscles are beyond help at this stage? While it is unfortunate, but you can always consider the surgical option proposed by your doctor as a better alternative to getting rid of pelvic floor disorders than pelvic exercises at this point.

If you can relate to this story, then you should try to practice pelvic exercises instead of giving up hope. You can always seek help from Kegel exercisers to help you locate the right set of muscles, thus making exercising much easier. Remember beginning these exercises at the right time will save you from lots of worry later in life.

5. Kegel Exercises Can Have an Adverse Effect on Your Sex Life

Kegel exercises are created to improve your sex life as they help tone and strengthen your vaginal muscles. Although improving sex life is not the main focus of the exercise, it is still an interesting and exciting incentive. When you continue to contract and relax your pelvic floor muscles slightly, more blood flow directed to the region that helps repair and heal your muscles.

The fact is pelvic exercises stimulate and strengthen all your pelvic floor muscles at the same time. You will feel triumphant after doing these exercises as all areas of your pelvic floor will go back to normal funct

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