4 Myths concerning Non-nursing and Nursing Moms when it comes to weight loss


It is a known fact breastfeeding mothers lose weight faster than non-breast feeding mothers. The secret lies in the idea that nursing burns enough calories to effect weight loss. Below are four myths about breast feeding and weight loss:

While breastfeeding mothers do shed weight faster than non-breastfeeding mother, there are some myths that hinders weight loss
While breastfeeding mothers do shed weight faster than non-breastfeeding mother, there are some myths that hinders weight loss

Myth #1 – Breastfeeding can help you burn more fats than regular exercise.

Fact: Though the body was altered after a mother gives birth, the extra fat acquire throughout their pregnancy does not disappear more quickly for women who do breastfeeding compared with those who don’t. Studies have proven that there are fats that nursing moms gain in some part of the body, whereas non-nursing mom won’t get. The difference between the fat lose between nursing moms and non-nursing moms are not that huge.

Myth #2 – Breastfeeding moms burn more calories than non-nursing moms.

Fact: Energetic mothers burn more calories than those moms that live an inactive life. Most breastfeeding moms are not active because they believe that it will be detrimental to their health to do so. But, there are also evidences proving that exercise improves the recovery period, therefore, restoring your body to a pre-pregnancy state faster than remaining inactive. Nursing mom should rest for some period until their full body recovery, but non-nursing mom can go straight with their previous diet since their health is 100%. Experts believe that non-nursing mom can start with their diet as early as three months after birth so that they would lose weight.

Myth #3 – Breastfeeding is a great replacement for exercise.

Fact: The right exercise program and diet would help new moms to lose around 25 pounds that most women acquire throughout their pregnancy. Exercise can help you lessen the chances of post-partum depression. Lastly, exercise has been known to boosts your mood and increases confidence during pregnancy. Breastfeeding is something that every mother should consider only if they want to care for their child and make sure that their babies would have a stronger immune system. However, it should not be considered if moms just want to lose weight.

Myth #4 – Nursing moms will not gain weight no matter what they eat.

Fact: A balanced diet must be eaten if you want to lose or maintain your weight. Anything that is not natural will just help you gain fat, regardless of the fact that you are breastfeeding mom or not. It is true that nursing do burn calories, but you need to burn calories more than what you consume.

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