Myths about Golf and Exercise

Some people think that golf is just for sissies. They believe that it not for them since it doesn’t require any strength at all. That is where there wrong as golf and exercise, in fact, together they go hand in hand. In almost every game you desired, you must engage yourself in exercise so that you can compete with other people.

golf swing
golf swing

You must blend your golf skills and golfing exercises to improve play. Let’s find out more about the myths that surround the sport so that we can understand golf a little more. Here, are some myths about golf and exercise:

  • Golf doesn’t involve strength. Some people believe that it is all about the form. Ask yourself, if it is all in the form then why there are golf exercises invented to enhance swinging clubs.. Exercise and golf can’t be separated. It is true that you need to have a good form in playing golf, but you also need a strong body to back-up your swinging. If you want to improve your game, then you need to improve both lower and upper body strength in kicking behind a drive. Finesse and form also matter, but strength is an incredible secret weapon to add to them.
  • Endurance not needed – since there are golf carts for moving around the golf course. Though, there are golf carts used in moving around the golf course, endurance matters to ensure that the player can last for a longer period of the game. There are specific workouts to improve your golf playing.
  • Only gymnast can benefit from flexibility. Flexibility is also crucial for game since it can make or break a game. In gold, we need to have a flexible body to be able to perform different swings. Aside from that, flexibility also means that the player is far from injury.

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