Strength Training is way of life!

Strength training uses resistance to increase muscle strength and often muscle mass. Some people knew it as resistance training while some experts think that they are not the same thing.

strength training should be a way of life
strength training should be a way of life

For me, strength training designed to increase strength for every different sport under the sun. There is different strength training in varied sports; some are for baseball, football, running (short and long distance), rugby, you name it, and they have it. Professional athletes need to be at their strongest so that they could arise to the challenge of their job.

Increased muscle strength and mass help the body by maintaining an optimum weight by contracting and the relaxing, burning off calories. However, it is not enough to just have big, strong muscles as it must also have a contributing factor. From the moment that our bodies have stopped growing, we then start losing muscle mass, so it’s important not only for maintaining a reasonable weight, but for health and certainly vanity purposes too. Consistent muscle building helps in keeping the bones and tendons strongly and healthy.

Though, it looks like simple; truth is that it is more complex than you know. To properly, and, very importantly, safely build strength and mass you need to know exactly:

  • Which muscles you need to target
  • What goal you have in mind – eg get bigger muscles, simply improve strength or tone the muscle area, fat removal

These factors will determine

  • The exercises you must perform
  • The amount of repetitions that you fulfill
  • The intensity of the workout
  • The rest period between sets/exercises

No, you won’t have the body of John Cena by simply lifting a few weights. There are some things that you might not have immediately considered.

Your diet – Anyone who is truly fit/buff/ripped etc have developed some sort of eating plan that suits their particular goals. These people often said ‘I’m just eat anything I like’, but they are not telling the truth. High protein, low carbohydrate diets, are common, but something tailored to your specific needs is probably best.

Your lifestyle – It’s difficult to maintain fitness and concentrate on a routine of strength training if you are always around with your buddies who drink every night

Dedication and Motivation – Maybe the most important thing anyone will ever need to take into consideration. If you have seen a model and thought that their body would look great on you and decides to develop strong muscles just on a whim, you may not be pleased to note that Bodybuilding is for life. Having built big muscles doesn’t mean that you don’t need to exercise as hard as before to maintain them. Achieving that goal of a Spartan body requires immense dedication and your mind will need to be as strong as your body to keep motivated.

Luckily, if you mange to achieve that buffed body you always want, you’ll understand the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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