4 Suggested Food for Strength Training


You are interested on getting fit, so by now you already have your own exercise routine, but it not just enough to exercise. You also need to consider the food that you are eating to have a fit body.

Furthermore, if you are into strength training, you are going to need a lot of protein since it repairs the muscle tissue after an hour or two of working out in the gym. You need a steady supply of protein to give you the energy that you need to do all those strength training routines.

Protein restores the muscle that was damage after your workout. You need protein so that it could restore the damage muscle tissue back to it was before.

Below are some suggestions of foods that will provide with the required protein for your workouts. You do not even need to consume supplements to get an abundant supply of proteins.

Lean beef contains a lot of protein that is good for your muscles
Lean beef contains a lot of protein that is good for your muscles

1. Lean Beef

This should be on top of your list since it has the most number of protein among all food. You can prepare it anyway you want. A rice with lean beef meal I rich in fiber, protein and carbohydrates. This is considered the best meal after a gym session.

2. Eggs

Another food that are high in proteins is eggs. They are complete with all the amino acids that you will need to develop healthy muscles. An omelet with vegetable topping will give you 25 grams of protein and 15% of your daily fiber needs. If you are concerned with the cholesterol that you may get from eating too much egg then you can use egg whites.

3. Protein-rich soy

Tofu can be use for replacing beef. Tofu can be used on burger to replace beef. The protein that you will get from tofu is cholesterol free; therefore, it would be not only good for your muscles, but also for the heart.

4. White Grains with Protein

Quinoa has a higher protein content compared to other whole grains. They are mild, and the texture is chewy. Adding Quinoa to a Black Bean-Quinoa Salad will be made even more delicious.

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