Cheerleading: Strengthen the Core through Strength Training

If you want to work on your cheerleading skills then try to incorporate strength training to your routine. Work on your flexibility, leg strength and the most important things of which is your core strength. When we say ore, it is not just the abs that is important among most people today. Try to include all the midsection area. Core strength is very important for flyers and they should absolutely be working to improve this.

Cheerleading needs a strong core.
Cheerleading needs a strong core.

A strong core helps the flyer to be lifted up high into the air, change direction, and return all the while controlling their body’s movements. Lack of core strength results means lack of balance when being lifted and a chance of injury on the way down. The flyer must have that solid foundation of core strength because it allows that individual to keep their body tight for at least minute’s time.

One good way to know if your core is up to the task is through holding a plank position for at least one minute. What this entails is to hold your body up on your forearms and toes, keeping your back straight. Keep the hips in line with the rest of the body without the need to raise or lower them. If you can hold this position for at least a minute then you are a good candidate for a flyer position.

A full body plank is not only a test, but also an excellent exercise in itself. Another core strengthening exercise is the side plank where you rest on your forearm with your body turned to the side. Hold your body in a straight line them repeat on the other side. Other exercises you can use are the standard crunches and variations of them. Do a little research online under core strength and you will find many exercises you can use.

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