Things to Avoid in Strength Training

Strength training increases the physical strength while resistance training does not increase the muscles as such but results in a toned body with efficient, lean muscles. The training gives the person overall health and well-being with added benefits like an improvement in joint and cardiac functions, burning fat, strengthening tendon and ligaments, and enhanced metabolic rate. Strength training may backfire if you are not doing it right. This is the first reason why many people get themselves injured when performing strength training.

weight loss donts
There are a lot of dos and don’t if you want to lose weight.

Here, are some points that you should avoid while doing strength training:

Going on without a break: In the beginning, you do not need to rest as the muscle is fresh, but the longer you are doing the exercise, the tougher it gets. So, it would be advisable to take a short break in between sets to relax those muscles. Take at least two to three minutes of rest before engaging in another set. Rest lets the muscles regain its strength. Doing strength training without resting might be fatal for you since it might result to muscle tear.

Reps too fast: It is ideal to pause between reps. Fast movement may make weight lighter, but it does not give the muscle enough exercise. Slow down and speed up the tempo gradually. The muscle keeps guessing if we pause for a second. It gives the muscles the resistance that it needs to strengthen the body.

Going overboard: Some people think that working their body until they can not perform anymore would make them stronger, but does not do well for the body. Though, you will feel getting stronger at first, eventually you will have a hard time to keep up with your routine. This will only result to injury.

Sticking to same regimen with same equipments: The longer you get stuck with the same regimen, the less challenge it gives your body. When this happens, you have to increase the weight so that you could get the training that your body needs.

Cramming circus: For some performing cardio while training will do for them since they wanted to lose weight. However, this will not help anyone whose goal is to increase their strength. Doing the two kinds of exercise simultaneously will be too burdensome on the muscles and joints which are already working. If you really like to maximize the result, then try doing strength training in one day then do cardio the other day.

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