Comparing the benefits of Aerobics with Strength Training

There are a lot of people arguing about the benefits of strength training and aerobics. With some of them say that strength training is the best; still there are some who thinks that nothing can beat aerobics. This article will talk about the benefits of those two and will hopefully resolve the question on which form of exercise is better.

strength training vs aerobics
strength training vs aerobics

First, let’s look deeper into aerobics. Aerobics are otherwise known as cardio is mostly composed of a low to moderate intensity physical exercise that involves stretching and any light exercise that strengthen the heart. Cardio improves overall health of the individual. Aside from overall health, it has other benefits such that ranged from improved blood flow to reduced resting heart rate. Most of the people who are performing this exercise want to lose weight. Either of which can be attained simultaneously with the employment of aerobics in the individuals lifestyle. However aerobics alone is not a sufficient workout as it reduces the efficiency of your workouts considerably. Those who engaged themselves on too much cardio will have an efficient cardiovascular system but lacks muscle mass to effectively live a healthy life. Performing Aerobics solely not only makes the growth of muscle idle, but further reduces muscle mass. This is an important factor as we reach old age since muscle mass becomes much more valuable than a healthy cardiovascular system.

Because aerobics alone cannot provide all the health benefits that we need – we should add weight training. Weight training is otherwise known as Strength training, or working out – in its simplest form is exercising with resistance, the resistance can be in the form of weights or elastic bands etc. Like aerobics weight training have a lot of benefits. It ranges from increased strength to improved cardiovascular system, to increase in bone density and loss of fat. It can also be said that weight training has an upper hand on Aerobics in several areas, for one it does not come with any negative side effects such as those of decrease in muscle mass with aerobics. It doesn’t put much stress on the joints and bones like aerobics. As for the benefits it provides all of that of Aerobics plus some.

Based on the information presented above, we can say that we need strength training more than cardio. However, we should not forget that both of them as important as one another.



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