Strength Training is the fountain of youth

People grow old and nothing can stop that. That is how the world works, and all you can do is to accept it. Old age is something that we should prepare for. How can we prepare for it?

fountain of youth
Experts believe that the fountain of youth can only be found through strength training.

The aging process has several downsides as you would lose stamina, strength, bone density, balance and flexibility. Fortunately, you can combat the aging process through strength training. Yes, you don’t have to undergo those things as you age as it can be prevented only if you are active enough. Strength training can be done no matter how old you are or regardless of your fitness level. We can say that strength training is the fountain of youth since it reverses the aging process.

As we grow old we tend to acquire lots of diseases like osteoporosis, heart disease and adult-onset diabetes, but you don’t need to worry about that if you are into strength training. It helps to ease the symptoms of rheumatoid osteoarthritis, depression and hypertension. A well-designed exercise program is what you need to combat the aging process.

Exercise is the key to enjoying your life

Experts agree that genes play has a saying while you are younger, it won’t help as you age. Your lifestyle and behavior would help you to look better as you age. They also believe that exercise is the key factor in active aging. This only means that exercise can help you better than nutrition, stress management, sleep, etc.

How strength training keeps you young:

In the middle years (ages 35-50)

  • Burns calories: As your metabolism naturally slows, strength training builds lean body mass to increase your resting metabolic rate and keep you lean.
  • Preserves bone density by stimulating bone growth.
  • Improves posture by strengthening the core and spinal muscles.

Menopausal years (50 plus)

  • Minimizes belly fat: Hormonal changes cause fat to migrate to the mid-section, but weight training can help.
  • Revives energy levels by restoring fast twitch muscle fibers which give us speed and power.
  • Offsets the rapid bone loss that occurs immediately after menopause.

Post menopausal years (60-plus)

  • Creates stability in the large muscles of the legs
  • Improves balance and walking ability
  • Prevents falls and fractures
  • Maintains healthy joints



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