Urban Myths and Facts about Health and Fitness


Do you notice whenever you go to the gym someone there will tell you some urban legend about health, fitness, or weight loss? I’m sure that you can relate to this because this had happened to me a lot of times whenever I am at the gym. These urban myths and facts about have been passed down from generations that people began accepting them as fact. So, here are lists of the top 5 top urban myths and facts about health and dieting. Let’s separate facts from myths.

popular fitness myths and facts
popular fitness myths and facts

1. A sedentary lifestyle turns muscle into fat: Almost Fact

Muscle and fat are two different tissues within the body. Muscle can’t turn into the fat or vice versa. However, if you aren’t using your muscle for a longer period then it will shrink, thus burning fewer calories. The lesser calories your muscles burn the greater amounts of fat a person will store. A simple explanation would be that the people living a sedentary lifestyle have a slower metabolism.

2. Women are going to get drunk quicker than Men: Fact

It has something to do with the body weight. It is obvious that an average male has more weight than the average female. The extra weight is because a male has more water in their bodies. The extra water helps in lowering the concentration of alcohol for men that allow them to stave off impairment longer. Men also has high amounts of gastric alcohol dehydrogenase, responsible for breaking down alcohol in the liver. This hormone breaks down more alcohol leaving less in the blood stream.

3. Drinking Alcohol Loses Brain Cells: Myth

People cannot become dumb just because they are a heavy drinker. Even binge drinking is not going to kill brain cells. Studies have proven that heavy drinkers have the same amount of brain cells as the non drinker.

4. Holiday 5 Pounds is a given: Myth

Some people gain more than 5 pounds during holidays, but an average person only gains about 1 pound during the holiday season. The only reason why people that they become bigger is that the New Year is the time for making New Year’s resolution, therefore, we often think about our weight more.

5. Drink green tea to lose weight: Myth

A lot of people believe that drinking green tea would make them achieve weight loss. The fact is that green tea extract only supports weight loss. However, the amount of tea that you drink is not enough to make much difference.


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