Exercise Myth: Exercise can change the shape of the butt!


Which part of the body do you think that women would like to improve? If you are thinking that they want to have a curvier butt then, you are right. However, contrary to what most female’s belief, they cannot change the shape of any muscle through exercise.


Improve the appeance of you butt
Improve the appearance of you butt

When you talk about the glutes( butt muscle), there are two factors that determine how pleasant – or unpleasant – the reflecting image staring back at you, is. Most women would like to change the actual shape of their butt, but the truth is that glute-muscles determined solely through genetics. A butt is just like any muscle; the shape is unique for you exclusively. Training your butt muscle will make it grow bigger and stronger, but the shape will not change. If you possess a round-type butt or a flatter-version, then you probably “always” will.

Here is something to think about; the amount of Body-fat deposited on your butt is also a major factor to determine its physical appearance; more importantly, this “is” a changeable factor. Reducing the body fat will help in revealing the natural shape of your Butt-muscle. I know what you are thinking right now, “this is confusing”, so look at another way; if you were to take a granite-statue of a perfectly sculpted human-body, and then, take handfuls of clay and begin to slap it one the statue, eventually the nooks n’ crannies of the sculpted granite would be filled with clay, which causes the statue to look more like the “Michelin Man” than a Greek God or Goddess. Body-fat reacts the same way the same effect on your Butt’s physical-appearance.

To make it simple, if you eat wisely, and exercise intelligently, you still can’t change the actual shape of your butt. However, the original shape will eventually appear if the body fat is reduced.

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