Exercise Myths about six pack abs for Seniors


For people on their senior years, having a six pack abs seems to be impossible. If you believe in this statement, then that is where you are wrong. It is not impossible. I’ll be talking about the myths surrounding the six pack abs for seniors.


Seniors still has a chance to get six pack abs.
Seniors still has a chance to get six pack abs.


Workout Myth 1:


Losing Strength and Flexibility is a Normal Part of Aging

This will only become true if you stop exercising. What most people don’t know is the fact that, as we age, the body aren’t capable of producing as much as hormones as before. Because of the reduced hormones, older people felt slower and easily tired. Remember the old saying “what you don’t use you lose“, well that applies to this case. Regular six pack workouts with resistance bands (to start, you can move onto weights when you feel ready), and regular aerobic exercise is going to increase overall wellness and give you a renewed feeling of the vitality you once had.

Workout Myth 2:


“I’m suffering from a disease, and I just don’t have the energy to do it anymore”

Regardless of the older people’s current physical condition, they still have the ability to change and improve their fitness level at any age and regardless of any lingering physical limitations. This is where most trainers would come in. They can tailor an exercise program that would fit an older guy.

If you have a hard time balancing or walking, there are six pack workout exercises that can be done from a seated position, and this includes aerobic exercise. Foot cycles are a good example of exercise that can be done at a sitting position. The upper body cycles usually found in rehabilitation centers or gyms has the same purpose for the upper body. After using such machine, older people will find that they can advance to walking, first with assistance, and then after time, without any assistance. Balance exercises can include something as simple as holding on to a counter and lifting one foot off the ground.

Workout Myth 3:

“I’m too old and is not interested of impressing anyone”

This is a wrong attitude that an older guy/ girl need to overcome. Actually, it does matter not only to you, but to your loved ones, as well. Exercise will lift your mood. It will also increase the ability to be able to do things without assistance.

If you think that these are not true then take a look at Jack LaLanne and Hulk Hogan. Jack Lalainne was 90 before he died. Hulk Hogan is also at his senior years but still has a great physique. As Jack Lalainne once said “it is important to keep pushing and keep striving for fitness goals and good nutrition”. Those were the same reason why Hulk Hogan is in good shape till up to these days.

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