These Exercise Myths won’t help you get Six Pack Abs

Information about on diets and exercise can almost be seen anywhere you look. Everyone seems to be an expert when it comes to diet and exercise. That’s why, it’s gets harder to distinguished fact from myths these days. Let’s get to know some of the most common myths about exercise:

six pack abs
six pack abs

Myth 1 – nothing can beat exercising in the morning!

Exercising in the morning is fantastic, but not all people have the luxury of exercising in the morning. They don’t have time to do so since they have jobs to attend to in the morning. They have lots of time in the evening. For sure, it is better exercising thrice a week is better than working out once a week.

Myth 2 – Walking on a treadmill is the solution to those bellying fat?

Walking is better than doing nothing. Having cardio in stationary bike, or elliptical machine is far better than walking since you can perform interval training with these machines. Interval training will give you a better workout than doing cardio for a long time.

Myth 3 – Long cardio sessions is what you need to lose weight because you’ll burn lots of calories.

You’ll undoubtedly burn calories, but as soon as you stop with your cardio workout then the burning also stops there. If you want to burn more calories, try to include strength training in your routine. Strength training builds muscles and muscle burns more calories 24/7.

Myth 4 – There is a right stomach workout that will give you six pack abs.

The ab muscles are always present. You just can’t see them since they are covered with layers of fat.

There is no way to reduce the fat. You need to have dedication and time before you can see your diet and exercise effort taking effect. You can lose fat through dieting alone, but combining it with exercise will give you faster result at the least minimal time.

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