Running – The Most Popular Exercise Myth of all!

I’m sure that you have heard of this myth before. In fact, most people believe that this is true, but sad to say that this is the biggest lie among exercise myths. Running seems to be a legitimate way to slim down and stay in shape forever. Some people believe that all they need to stay healthy is to run long distance.



Jim Fixx is an exceptionally long distance runner who encouraged long distance running is the best way to have a perfect body and healthy at the same time. One day, he suddenly dropped dead after a long run!

Isn’t he healthy?

He was in excellent shape. He practiced running every day to stay healthily. He had plenty of energy before the day he died and wasn’t suffering from any illness.

Why did he die then?

It seems to be enjoying his healthy life to the fullest, but he just drop dead without any warning.

Sometimes our body warns us about what is going on in our body. You might experience a rash suddenly appearing your skin; this is just a symptom of a secret complication in the body. Secret since the body have been designed to silently struggle – to stay healthy, all the while pretending everything is fine.

Our bodies pretends try to act as tough as they could be until it can no longer function anymore. When that happens, then the illness so advanced that it shows up as an unpleasant symptom.

How do we stay healthy even if the body doesn’t warns us?

Knowing the six health pillars required to stay healthily would surely help. We need realize what they are through research and then carry out them correctly, reliably every day, even though we may don’t feel any symptoms.

So why did Jim Fix suddenly die when he was in great shape while he was running?

The body adjusts itself to accommodate what you are doing – in order to serve you better. When you you run daily, your body adjusts itself to be a better long distance steady runner. It results to smaller upper body since the upper body muscles aren’t needed to run long distance.

The lighter your body gets, the faster you can run. It also reduces your excess capacity in your lungs and eliminates your ability to exert yourself when necessary because with long distance running you do not need the ability of have unused excess capacity.

You are just fine, but the moment that you need excess capacity, that is where the problem starts. The body collapse because it can’t provide the extra strength needed to do the task you are attempting to perform. In some way, Jim Fix reaches his limit and his body can’t find the excess capacity to run anymore.

Interval training is the key to expanding your capacity and raising your heart beat. If you are a beginner, warm up for 2 minutes, exert yourself for 15 seconds to get out of breath, – then slow way down but do not stop for 30 seconds. Perform this for about 5-7 times every other day for a while, and then increase the length of time for the intensity and the recovery according to what you are comfortable doing.

For the duration of the exertion phase, you want to get a little out of breath. During the recovery phase, you must get your breath back to normal so you can talk without gasping. The most notable thing of all is to consult with your doctor prior to starting with your interval training.

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