Proper Strength Training for Judokas

Judo is one of the most popular martial all around the globe. Perhaps, one of the reason that many shows interest in this sport is that it has strength benefits, aside from the fact that it can help you to depend yourself during some hostilities. However, the problem with most gym today is that they are geared towards the masses that trainers lack the knowledge to train those who want to learn judo.

Judokas need to develop their strength too
Judokas need to develop their strength too

For some reason, newbie in judo does not know how to strength train the right way because of two reasons. The first reason is obvious as there are not enough school out there that gives proper training for this sport. Most of the coaches who teach do not even know basic strength and conditioning exercises.

The second reason is that the older generations who teach Judo never really understand the importance of proper training. Most of them started building their muscles when they were older and still sticking to what they are taught. The problem with old methods is that they are not always right.

What exercises are recommended for judo practitioners?

Judo players must have a complete full body exercises, especially in the standing position. They need to have grip strength, pulling strength, power and explosiveness. Just like anyone, they also benefit from having a strong core.

Below is a list of all the exercises that most experts believe that judo practitioners should be performing.

The best exercise for judokas (a man who practice judo) are power cleans, deadlifts, dips, rope climb, bench press, push press, farmers walk, thrusters, squats and complexes.

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