4 Facts that Menopausal women should know about Strength Training


Strength training has numerous benefits like increased bone density, increased muscle mass, and a lower risk for many age related diseases. Through, masses are aware of the positive effects of strength training to their body; it still takes time before they can decide on whether they should engage on it or not, especially for menopausal women. Some of the reasons why menopausal women do not want to engage in such activity are because of the myths that surround strength training and menopausal women.

menopause and strength training
menopause and strength training
  1. Women would be Bigger – With most of the guys doing strength training and bulking up, it is no wonder why most women tend to shy away from strength training. However, women do not have the hormone to develop big muscles. Weight training will just help them to have a leaner body because they do not have enough testosterone to develop bulky muscles.
  2. Older Women are weak – it is common for women back in the 80’s to stay away from strength training because most doctor advises them to avoid strength training because they fear that strength training will only result to injury among older women. However, new researches suggest that older women need strength training to minimize the occurrence of diseases.
  3. Thin people do not need it – Most thin people think that strength training is only for those who want to lose weight, but the truth is that they also need it. Countless studies have suggested that women will lose their muscles if they are not going to use them. So, by the time that you reach 50, you will be weak.
  4. Spot Reduction – Some people are lucky that they got a slender body. No matter how much they ear, they remain thin. No, the truth is that these people moves a lot more compared to other people. Fat people tend to rely on spot reduction since they want to lose fat on that part, but sad to say that you can never lose weight on one part of the body. If spot reduction is not true, then how can some have a thin body despite the fact that they eat a lot? The secret here is never in the spot reduction as these people mastered the art of shedding body fat all over the body. In laymen’s term, they like to exercise, so they burn most of the calories they consume in a day faster than those who have a sedentary lifestyle.

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