Myth about Flexibility

A lot of athletes train their body to become flexible so that they can prevent injury from happening. Yet they are still getting injured. Is it because they are not that flexible enough, fortunately, they got their flexibility to where they want to. How is that they are still getting injured?


girl trying to be flexible
girl trying to be flexible

Most people are already used to the fact that they need to be flexible if they want to avoid injury from occurring. According to experts flexibility is just the range of motion. Most flexible people are susceptible to injury because their strength cannot support their range of motion.


There are athletes that are like super inside the playing ground and people say that they are flexible, but they are not flexible. Flexibility is different from mobility. Star athletes have mobility and not flexibility. Mobility is like having flexibility and the strength to back it up. On the other hand, flexibility is the capability to move a joint. That is all you can do when you are flexible. Yes! You can move a wider range from other people, but it does not mean that you are not prone to injury. In fact, being flexible makes you more vulnerable to injury.


Mobility is far more from having a wider range of motion as it also involves the strength to control the range of motion. This is what people should aim for and not flexibility alone.


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