Baby Boomers need Strength Training to stay young

Baby boomers are people in their 40’s 50’s, and 60’s are who wants to be young forever. Currently, they make up 77% of the world’s financial assets. They know how important to feel and look young as they did see how their parents grows older.

Baby boomers can still enjoy their lives
Baby boomers can still enjoy their lives

Most of them interested to live a healthy lifestyle; thus they aim at keeping their strength through strength training in gyms. They want to live until they reach the age of 80’s or 90’s as they know that they are strong enough to enjoy their lifestyle.

Baby boomers will not be glad to hear you saying ‘elderly’, it is an insult to them. They plan to be as active as they could be as they know that being healthy prolongs their lives. They believe that strength training can give them the strength and fitness to enjoy their active lifestyle for a longer time.

Aside from prolonging their lives, they also want to influence the next generation to lead a life of a healthy lifestyle through setting an example for the young. They want to prove that weakness and frailty are something that can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining strength while growing old maybe hard, but the fruits are worth it as it allows you to take care of yourself.

Some people says that you should start exercising early to slow down the aging process. Though, it is true, but it does not mean that you cannot exercise when you are older. You can still start with exercising even at an old age.

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