Deep Tissue Massage Therapy is a great way soreness from Strength Training

People who like to work out know how hard it is to start on a new workout routine. Usually, they experience soreness after a day or two of trying the new workout. This results for anyone to hold out on their activities since their body is not yet fully recovered from the new exercise that they had done. The soreness that you feel is a combination of lactic acid build up and muscular imbalance. One of the best solutions to sore muscles is Deep Tissue Massage Therapy.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy compliments strength training
Deep Tissue Massage Therapy compliments strength training

Lactic acid build up once you start out with a new weight training routine or do something that strains your muscles such as kayaking or sprinting. There is no need to fear as lactic acid build up is common, harmless, and doesn’t last long. You can treat it with any pain reliever you have and a few stretches. Those who undergo Deep Tissue Massage Therapy will experience how fast the lactic acid soreness disappears.

Other things that we should talk about are the muscular imbalance, which takes place because of the soreness of the muscles. This should not be part of your experience when doing strength training as this usually happens when you did something wrong in your exercise routine. For many, they underwent this feeling of muscle spasm at some point in their strength training routine, resulting for them to hold back from their routine. If they are not going to hold back then it might lead to serious injury. By balancing some of the muscle groups, you are able to increase strength and flexibility.

Deep Tissue Massage is a great way to balance the musculature to allow the body to perform optimally. Most people were not born symmetrically, and all of us have an area wherein one muscle group is stretched out, and another one is condensed. Imbalances also happens in the lower body, but not many people notice how one of their leg is shorter than the other.

This is not something to be sad about as it is just normal, but you need to improve it so that you can do a lot of strength training routine. Deep Tissue Massage Therapy helps by balancing the muscle groups by means of releasing chronically tight and constricted muscles and getting to the root of the problem. There are several factors, contributing to muscular imbalances. Some of them are repetitive motions at work, incorrect postural habits, scoliosis, old injuries, and emotional holding patterns.

If you want to get stronger, you need to work both agonist and antagonist muscle groups for a given area. For example, let’s refer to the pectorals (chest) group and the latissimus dorsi (back) group. When doing pull-downs, there are some who feel a spasm as one side of the lats were not balance. This could result for the shortening of the left side of the latissimus dorsi, and might even instigate the trunk to twist slightly left, with the right pec and anterior deltoid being shortened. There are cases that this causes extreme pain and some people cannot take it, so they don’t do it anymore.

One of the possible treatments that you could take is to lay down on your right side, and let the massage therapist lengthen the left lat and serratus anterior. The therapist needs to release tight muscle bands in the deltoid and the rotator cuff, and those under the shoulder blade. After that, the therapist needs to release tight pectorals and the anterior deltoid of the right side

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy also helps in hydrating the tissues, increasing blood flow, and making the fascia more open and supple that enables the muscles to grow. This happens when people gets stronger faster than they should have. The treatment will make you as mobile as you can get. The best days for getting massage are on weekends as you can feel the benefits.

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