What is Diabetic Strength Training?

Diabetic strength training isn’t as much as popular as walking, biking and running, but for someone suffering from the disease, this workout is the best. Diabetic training can help you get back in shape and lose weight.

diabetic strength training
diabetic strength training

Since diabetics have some concerns such as peripheral and autonomic neuropathy, we need to know if the exercise is safe for us. The same rule applies with strength training. You’ll just get yourself injure if you do it wrong.

What is Diabetic Strength Training?

Walking, biking, swimming, elliptical training and jogging falls into aerobic exercises. This type of exercises needs to be done for a longer period of time so that you would get the benefit from them. A typical aerobic exercise would last for 30 or more minutes compared to strength training need shorter amount of time. If you can’t talk while doing the exercise, then you’re overdoing it.

Because of the fast-pace technology we now live in, it is easier to measure how many calories you burn than it used to a few years back. There are free apps for phones and computers that could measure this. Websites like Fitness Pal and the American Diabetes Association have a program wherein it can tell you approximately how many calories you burn during exercise if you have a weight loss goal.

Diabetic strength training differs from aerobic training as it uses a different kind of energy called the glycolytic system . It is otherwise known as anaerobic training . With the exercises, you could easily break down glucose for energy, usually lasting for a short time.

Weight lifters, baseball players, gymnasts and sprinters also use the same kind of energy. They need to rest between the bursts of speed or effort to tap down the energy, coming from glucose breakdown, which last for seconds up to a couple of minutes. That is why strength trainers have to exercise with repetitions and sets with periods of rest in between.

Comparing the Benefits of Aerobic Exercise and Diabetic Strength Training

Walking and other aerobic exercise toughens your heart, raises your good cholesterol, lowers blood pressure and burns calories. It is also a good way to combat stress.

What could diabetic strength training can do for you? It helps to strengthen the bone and skeletal muscle, meaning that it could give you better balance. It also improves your coordination allows you to move around easier.

Other benefit that you could get from Strength Training is increase metabolic rate, the speed at which your body burns calories. Since you have more muscle, you can burn more calories even when resting.

As your muscle grows, your insulin resistance also improves. Research had concluded that body fats around the organ worsened your insulin resistance.

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