On Court Fitness Training for Tennis Players


If you want to have a fit body and be good at tennis then you need to train outside. Nothing beats on court fitness training when it comes to improving your performance during tennis matches.

A seasoned tennis player
A seasoned tennis player

On court fitness training, is training that incorporates all the practice on a tennis court. This training done to improve overall performance like the agility, quickness and specific movements of the players. When the player trains on the tennis court, they are able to perform specific drill for tennis, thus improving their game play during matches.

There are many practice drills you can choose from to improve your game play. You just need to find that best fits you, something that you find enjoying.

You need to use a tennis racquet to perform these exercises as they it allows you to feel that you are actually playing in a real game. Since you are just starting, try to perform the drills with no ball. Use the racquet as you were hitting the ball by means of a forehand or a backhand, shadow the stroke and then back to the starting point to start again.

Some basics that you should perform are the volleys and overheads. Perform several sets of 10 repetitions for each stroke. Make sure to use the right technique in footwork and do it as fast and intense as you can.

To improve your game play, you need to do these:

If you are an advanced player, then you can start with a bungee cord. Attach the bungee cord to something stable, and perform several strokes. With the right technique, perform all the drills to become when playing inside the court.

Once the players are able to do this drills with the right footwork, do not forget the first step and recovery steps are two keys for tennis players, you can start to add live balls, and you need that to be feed at the same spot every time..

You can do these drills with or without resistance. You need to focus on your movements and do it this time with a tennis ball.

Once you mastered the proper technique, you can move faster in a real match.

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