A Closer Look at Functional Fitness Training


Functional Fitness training have been talked about so many times before that the phrase become familiar with most of us, but the problem is that not all of understand what it truly meant. Some people joins a gym because they think that all those exercise equipment would help them achieve what they want. However, it seems that they are just wasting their time since most exercise in the gym placed too much emphasis on the leisure rather than the result. That is what is wrong with depending too much on the machine; you don’t focus on what is needed – functional fitness training .

functional fitness training
Functional fitness training helps us to do our daily activities easier.

The goal here is to improve yourself even if you are not a member of any gym. Having more time for recreation and other sorts of stuff is more important than spending all your life depending on the gym. A good example here is a grandparent having more time with her grandchildren.

Life’s daily task is full of repetitive task and that is why; it is important that we focus our fitness training on the muscles that we use the most. Functional training makes all these possible through regular training in one or more exercise that targets the same muscle group.


Is there such a thing as un-functional fitness training?

The question is valid and every person, who want to improve their physical aspect need to know this. Un-functional fitness training is all around us and we don’t even realize that we don’t need it.


Most of exercises done inside the gym are almost impossible to recreate outside of the gym because the gym owner wants you to depend on them. They want to see you almost every day, so they can make money from your efforts. Functional fitness training on the other lets you apply what you practice in your daily life.

Functional fitness training saves you a lot of time because it enhances strength, coordination, balance, agility, accuracy, flexibility, endurance and stamina. The idea here is use large number of the body’s joints and muscles at once, training your body as one unit. The body is made this way, so you need to figure out how to do that.

Focus your movement on the working all of the muscle groups needed, instead of just isolating the exercise with just one muscle group. Your body must remain moving rather than pausing at a time, so you will be relying on dynamic balance as opposed to static balance. This would be helpful for you to use different kind of muscle groups since it requires a great deal of core stability



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