Saffron Extract for Weight Loss

So many people wanting to lose weight, yet most of them will quit when they do not see any changes after a few months. They simply cannot control their eating habit, which leads to weight gain.

Saffron can help you lose weight
Saffron can help you lose weight

It is true that lack of exercise also contributes to weight gain, but eating habit plays a larger role than exercise when it comes to weight gain.

Whenever people gain weight, they tend to blame in on everything that they could think of, yet the truth is that they do not have the necessary discipline to lose weight.

What is a possible solution for emotional eating?

A new study discovered a new way of dealing with emotional eating emotional eating problems, the solution originated from Greece, North America and in some parts of North Africa. The solution that treats emotional eating habit known as Saffron extract.

At one, time, it was used to enhance the flavor of many foods, but people can only add a drop because of it has a bitter taste.

The new study had proven that Saffron Extract can affect the eating habit of a person, thus limiting the number of calories consumed.

How does it work?

Consuming Saffron extracts increases the serotonin levels in the body. Serotonin is known as one of the hormones that can affect both the mood and appetite.

According to study, the more your serotonin levels get lower, the more likely you are going to make unhealthy food choices.

In laymen’s term, the extract eliminates the need to eat foods high in both sugar and calories; thus, the person would indulge in healthier food choices.

Another benefit that you can get from consuming Saffron Extract is that it allows you to fill your stomach faster. That is the second reason why it is effective in losing weight.

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