Healthy Lifestyle helps manage blood sugar better during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most important part of a woman’s life. However, having diabetes during this time will not make that event in their life the happiest one. Diabetes is already a serious disease and having gestational diabetes is even worse than having it while they are not pregnant. It might not endanger the lives of the expecting mothers, but the babies, as well.

Pregnancy is an important in a woman's life
Pregnancy is an important in a woman’s life

Gestational diabetes is just like any type of diabetes, but what separates it from other types is that this one occurs during pregnancy.

Health Risk For A Baby

As stated before in this article, gestational diabetes might endanger the life of the baby. Diabetes has several complications in health such as a variation in glucose levels, circulation of blood in our body increases. All of these factors could affect the health of the baby.

During pregnancy, the blood of an expecting mother is also transmitted to her baby while inside her womb. Since her blood has a high concentration of glucose, it gets deposited in the fat cells of the baby.

What factors contribute to the development of Gestational Diabetes:

1. If the expecting mother got pregnant during or after her 35th birthday.

2. The woman got some members of her family with diabetes.

3. The blood pressure is always high.

4. The woman is overweight before she got pregnant.

Attain Healthy Pregnancy Despite Raised Blood Sugar

As the belly becomes much bigger, more hormones are produced to block any effect of insulin, therefore, raising the blood sugar level. Though, the expecting mother, might not acquire, diabetes now, but it doesn’t mean that she would never have it. It would be wise to keep her blood sugar level between 90 and 130 mg/dl. Below are some tips to keep blood sugar at a controllable level.

1. Avoid calorie rich food

While the expecting mother carries her child, her glucose level rises, but there won’t be enough supply of insulin to control the rise of blood sugar level. That is why any food that must be eaten should be nutritious. Avoid food with preservative or over-processed fruit juices which do not include natural sugar. Drink juices made from fruits and vegetables as they can help an expecting mother to control their sugar level.

2. High nutritional fiber foods are a must to manage blood sugar level

A pregnant woman should have a balanced diet rich in fiber. Fiber is not easily digested by the body. The fiber serves provides the energy needed The main role of fiber is to provide energy for the body while maintaining the digestive system on tract. Foods high in fibers are vegetables, dried beans, cereals and other whole-grain foods.

3.Eat a low fat diet

Stay away from eating fat-meats, butter, cream, full fat cheese and food items made from coconut, palm or palm kernel oil as insulin becomes less efficient if you have a high-fat diet. Fish cooked din vegetables are recommended to keep blood sugar at hand.

4. Self-control with regular monitoring

Nothing can beat monitoring blood sugar regularly when controlling blood sugar level. Any experts would agree that a pregnant woman need to monitor their blood sugar level twice a day to fully control blood sugar level.

5. Moderate Exercise

Moderate amount of exercise is required to use excess amount of sugar in the body. It doesn’t have to be strenuous exercise, all you need are light exercises done regularly to burn extra sugar.

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