Myth about Gastric Bypass patients and Weight Loss

Most gastric bypass patient brags about not exercising to lose weight, but little do they know that the problem starts from there. They are going to lose weight alright, but that drastic weight loss is going to cost them.

Gastric bypass patients often think that they don't need to exercise anymore.
Gastric bypass patients often think that they don’t need to exercise anymore.

There are times when obese people get crippled because of too much weight that they carry wherever they are. The bone and joints carry most of the loads, so they end to get overused. Overtime, the bones will get fracture while the joins will not be as elastic as it was before.

Now, with gastric bypass, the patients lose weight in the body fast, and the burden that the joints and muscles carries becomes lighter. The body soon loses weight rapidly, but the rapid weight loss might be your undoing if you are going to exercise. Once you lose weight; the sooner that you should be exercising to let the body start building muscles that can support the bones and joints.

Nothing can beat exercise when it comes to healing the body from the destruction cause by obesity.

You do not need to enroll in gym classes. That can wait as you do not have the strength or habit to keep it up yet. You can start by walking, stretching, and even performing proper breathing techniques.

When you finally lose some of the weight that you carry around, that would be the time for you to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Exercise experts believe that 30 minutes of exercise a day is enough to energise your body throughout the day. Do these exercises in a consistent manner and you are on your way to a healthier and fitter you. You should incorporate cardiovascular, flexibility and strength training into your exercise program to feel and look good.

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