Why eating oatmeal is an essential part of Fitness Training?


Oatmeal is one of the most essential food providing nutrients for muscle-building and weight loss. Oats were used as animals feeds back in the old days, but after researchers had found out about its cholesterol-lowering properties, they reintroduced it as health food.

Oatmeal should be part of your diet if you are into fitness training
Oatmeal should be part of your diet if you are into fitness training

People who eat oats on a regular basis seldom become obese. In fact, many studies have proven that a child who likes eating oatmeal reduces their chances of becoming overweight by 50 percent. The soluble fiber content of oats turns into a gel in your digestive system, which result for you to feel full longer and eventually helping you with weight loss. The gel also helps you to trap bad cholesterol, helping you minimize its absorption into your bloodstream.

When you work out, you burn calories and oats are a great source of carbohydrates. Researchers claimed that eating oats an hour before a workout enhance the performance during a training session.

Aside from calories, oats also contain other nutrients needed for a well-balanced diet and a stronger immune system. It helps you to slow down your digestion; it also controls the levels of your blood glucose – slowing its increase after eating and its decrease before meals. This process lessens the risk of becoming diabetic.

Oats has phytochemicals that reduces the risk of acquiring cancer. Someone who eats oats regularly has a reduced chance of acquiring cancer of the breast, prostate, endometrium, or the ovary.

Other vitamins that can be found in oats are biotin, folic acid, thiamin, and vitamin E, as well as elements like iron and zinc. These nutrients speed up the healing process in your body.


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