The Truth about Low Carb Diet

The common problem with people is that we are doubtful about our own knowledge or our capacity to get the right information from the right source and hence we tend to seek advice from all around us unmindful of the fact that people who offer these advises may not be the expert they claimed to be. It is a possibility that the myth about low carbs diet also also started from this.

low carb diet
low carb diet

Expert often tell us that we need to completely cut down on their intake of carb diets or eat low carb diets only. This is untrue. By knowing the myth behind this advice, you can be sure of adopting the right approach and seeing the results hereafter.

According to these so-called experts, carbohydrates are not a necessity for our survival. But hit is further from the truth as we need carbohydrates to supply energy to us, especially to our brain. The brain gets it energy from sugar and carbohydrate. The cause of stop ping the consumption of carbohydrate is devastating for our health. In the long run, the body will be forced to release hormones to stop further weight loss.

Another myth that is common today is that the craving for carbohydrates will not be present if you continuously do not take diets or take low carb diets only. Like the first one, this is also wrong. The body has a mechanism with which it will start utilizing other nutrients like proteins and fats for the functions carried out by carbohydrates if you do not supply carbs to it. This is not the right approach to lose weight because it may result to some other complications. If the fats and proteins allowed to be used for purposes other than those intended for. This can not go on endlessly, and your body is sure to start craving for carbs.

Another myth from these so-called experts is that you can go on eating low diets throughout your life without any problems. Of course, this is not true; the body cannot continuously monitor and rectify non-supply of carbohydrates constantly. Your health will diminish overtime if you continue this way of living.

You can really lose weight by following such low carb diet, but that is when you know that it is an injudicious way to reduce weight and stop adopting this wrong step, you are sure to regain the weight you lost in a quick time. Learn more about carbohydrate so you can differentiate the two types of carbs – good carbs and bad carbs. Consume only good carb diets so that your health won’t suffer.

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