How do you Gain Weight the healthy way?

For people who want to lose weight, not getting enough calories is the least of their problems since all they want is to achieve their weight loss goal. However, this doesn’t appeal to people who have the intention of adding a few pounds. Sad to say, that it is easier said than done because it is just like weight loss where some people fail to gain weight.

A guy who goes from a thin frame to a better one
A guy who goes from a thin frame to a better one

What is bulking?

Bulking and cutting are two cycles in the lives of people who are dead serious about improving their bodies. Bulking is gaining weight with some muscle while cutting helps the body to lose fats around your body.

Why do you need to gain weight? The body needs muscle, and you cannot simply put on muscles if you got a thin body. For bodybuilders, bulking up is easy; they can easily cut down the fat percentage to get their desired look.

Here are a few tips to help you bulk up:

Dirty Bulking vs. Clean Bulking

These two different methods are often compared on which one is the most efficient way to bulk up. Clean bulking revolves around the idea of eating nothing but healthy foods – like you would do on a cut. Meanwhile, dirty bulk means including junk food in your diet since they also help in pushing the calorie count higher.

When it comes to maintaining good health, nothing can beat clean bulking. However, it is harder to gain weight when you follow this method since you only rely on fruits, nuts and vegetables. So, if you want to bulk up, you also need to include plenty of whole-grain breads, pastas, meats and vegetables into your diet either way to hit those targets.

Eat More in a Day

Eat six smaller meals in a day. Make sure to small meals every three hours to make sure that you have the energy to do your daily activities. By maintaining an eating habit where you eat si meal in a day your metabolism will work faster, and you can be bigger faster than eating three large meals in a day.

Forget about cardio

Cardio may be advisable for those who want to lose weight, but it is the opposite when it comes to weight gain. Cardio burns calories without building muscle mass. Although, you still need to do it a few times, try not to overdo it as you will get smaller when you do it regularly.

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