Tips on how to put on some pounds

Many people who want to put on some pounds, but fail to do so. There are many reasons add some pounds on your body. The trick here is employ different ways to gain weight, and you’ll see some improvement on your weight as time went by little by little. Here are seven tips to help you gain weight.

Adding some weight shouldn't be so hard if you know how to
Adding some weight shouldn’t be so hard if you know how to

Drink Lots of Water

This is on the number on my list since the body is composed of water. If you want to add more pounds, you should also drink more water to keep the body well-hydrated. Needless to say, water is something that we can’t live without.

Eat More

After hitting a plateau, wherein you notice that you aren’t gaining weight anymore, you should eat more so that your body will grow bigger.

Percentage of Body Fat

Weighing yourself in the scale won’t tell you much about your body fat percentage. What you can do is to look at your body. There are guidelines online in which you can check your fat percentage. You can check the fat percentage by comparing your body to the pictures posted online.

Keep Track your Calorie Intake

Make sure that you keep a note of almost everything that you eat. This will help you keep track on how much calorie you are in taking.


Eating more and no exercise will help you put on pounds, but your body will be composed of mostly fat. And this is something that you would not want to happen to you. What you want is a lean body with some muscles on it.

Get Plenty of Rest

Having eight hours of sleep is crucial for the development of your muscles, but in any case that you can’t have eight hours of sleep, six hours of sleep will do. The body tissue that got damaged from the intense workout you can only repair itself when the body is resting.

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