Cardio will only make you fatter

Most experts will agree that walking and jogging are among the best ways to burn fat. However, walking only helps you burn not more than 30 percent of fat. Not that productive if you are going to think of your weight loss goal.


More cardio means you will be fatter
More cardio means you will be fatter

That is why most experts will tell you to enroll in the gym and go burn those fats off your body. The gym is loaded with weights and machines that will help you to burn the needed fat off your body. The same thing goes with the ladies; they needed to learn how to use the machines and weight in order to lose those fats. Cardio won’t be much of a help if they want to have a beautiful body.

2 reasons why cardio is the wrong approach for weight loss

  1. Low intensity workouts are made for a speedy recovery after an injury. However, those long and low intensity workouts are not worth it since you are only burning less than 20 percent of fat, which is only equivalent to the amount of fat that you can burn at home exercising. Why do you need to go the gym if you can have the same benefit when exercising at home?
  2. Low intensity workouts are mostly done by athletes who want to improve their endurance. While this works for athletes, the results may not be the same for an average person. The body tends to adopt to the low intensity workouts that it gets subjected to. The athlete does more than just low intensity workouts, and that is the reason why they got a slim body.

The body thinks that the world is on crisis, therefore, stores as much fat as possible so that it can be use during the long workouts. The process is known as survival, the body adapts to the kind of pressure that it gets from long cardio. The fats stored in the body are meant for survival mode. Think of it, bear eat as much food that they can eat before winter so that they could stack on some fat for the winter.

What is the secret to burn fat?

There is a thing called glycogen, which is stored under the muscle tissue. By performing high intensity workouts, the body gets force to do the unthinkable and use the fat instead of the glycogen. For the body, glycogen is much important compared to fats, so it tries to burn the fats first before glycogen if the body gets subjected to high intensity workouts.

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