How to Gain Weight Naturally

A lot of people are interested in finding how they could gain weight naturally. This article includes two natural ways to gain weight quickly and easily. Other people might tell you that you need supplements, but don’t listen to them because they are selling you something and it is obvious they just want to make money from your situation. What you need is some proven principles that will not waste your time.

Eating more than you usually do will help you to bulk-up
Eating more than you usually do will help you to bulk-up

Change your eating habits

This is on top of the list as nutrition where everything starts in gaining weight. You can’t gain weight if you are not eating right. Weight loss and weight gain have something in common – energy. When you want to lose weight, you want to make certain that your daily energy output is greater than your daily energy input, but in the case of weight gain you want the daily energy to be greater than your daily energy output.

Simply put, gaining weight means that you need more energy for your body to grow bigger.

Lift Weight now!

Those who want to gain weight should think about lifting weight since they are going to need it as they gain weight. You don’t want those weights to be composed of fat. That wouldn’t look nice on you. You want to turn those fats into muscles as you gain weight.

That is the reason why this article encourages lifting weights now so that you won’t have those ugly love handles and anything that would make you unpleasant. Start slow at first so you won’t strain yourself, slowly add a few more repetitions as you see some progress on your part. Here are a few tips for you to get started.

  • Stick to a body split workout plan and train large muscle groups on alternating days.


  • Try to focus your workouts on big compound exercises like barbell squats, bent over rows, deadlifts, military press and so on.


  • Do not exceed over twelve repetitions per set and never do more than four sets per exercise.
  • Do not exceed more than four exercises for the same large muscle groups like chest, back or legs and do not do more than two exercises for smaller muscle groups like biceps or triceps.

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