3 Tips that we need to remember to Gain Weight


It’s the first month of the year and for sure, there would be many wanting to lose weight because they feel ugly since they got fat after eating too much last Christmas. But, honestly, there are people out there, who want to gain weight rather than lose weight. It seems that last Christmas isn’t enough for them to gain weight. These guys are thin all of their life and they would want to have a great body. They are skinny and they want to fit into those beautiful dresses that we all like. Knowing such information, you might think that unhealthy weight gain is much better, but that is not true since it is as bad as not gaining weight at all. Whatever is in excess or lack is bad for us. That is a fundamental of a healthy weight gain and this is crucial to people who want to gain weight.

gain weight
Most people want to lose weight, but there are some, who want to gain weight. Too much and too little is always bad for us.

Of course, there are reasons why these scrawny-looking people are not gaining weight at all. They do eat lots of food, but something is lacking and the reasons behind why they are not gaining weight are the subject of this article. These are the top reason why some people are not gaining weight no matter what they do:

  1. Poor Diet – The reason for this is so obvious, but like fat people who eat too much, it is hard to control. There are those, who eat enough food, but the problem is that they are not eating nutritious food and that is why, they are still thin. Protein is needed by our body and most of the time; some people don’t like eating it. Protein should be part of a diet as it is needed by our body and some people seem to skip that fact.
  2. Proper Workout – Eating would give us the energy that we need to do some workout. Physical activity is needed to make sure that our body is getting all the nutrients that the food we ate. If we don’t work out then most of the food we eat won’t be use properly. Having a great diet won’t be complete without a proper workout since there is no way that the body can use all of the food that we ate.
  3. Poor Motivation – Like slimming, weight gaining work the same; if you don’t have the proper motivation then you wouldn’t last long on what you are doing. Even if that would mean that you would be healthier, you can’t last with that program if you don’t have the proper motivation. Unfortunately, our generation is also called the “ instant noodle ” generation since we like instant results. The truth is that there is no such thing as an instant result. We need to work at it long and hard to get it.

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