Weight Training and Cardio are best for minimizing Hospital visits


Most people who has serious health care problem get advised to eat as much apple or banana that they can get, but this would be different. This article will show how lifting weight and a few minutes of cardio can keep the doctor away. The new study from Columbia and Vancouver suggest that weight training and cardio is all you need to be healthy.

Weight training and cardio will keep you away from visiting a doctor
Weight training and cardio will keep you away from visiting a doctor

The study got published at the May 14 on the online magazine PLOS ONE , followed the lives of 86 women, aged 70- to 80-years-old, all of them were randomly assigned to partake in weight training weight training classes, outdoor walking classes, or balance and toning classes which lasted for six months. Participants suffer from mild cognitive impairment, a well-recognized risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

The researchers had put into a table all the expenses that each participant to access a variety of health care resources.

Lead study author, Jennifer Davis said that the participants have fewer aces to health care resources than those in the balance and toning program.

The study is the newest study conducted that weigh up the affectivity of training programs on cognitive performance in elderly patients. An earlier study done in February had proven that aerobic and weight training also enhanced cognitive performance in study participants. However, those who were enrolled in the balance and toning classes did not show any improvement.

Teresa Liu-Ambrose, an assistant professor for the UBC Faculty of Medicine claimed that balancing and toning won’t do much when it comes to ‘better brain health.’ The new study also demonstrate how effectual cardio and weight training for the health care system.

Exercise helps the brain to function better

The new study supports the previous research by Prof. Liu-Ambrose, of Canada Research Chair in Physical Activity, Mobility, Cognitive Neuroscience, wherein claimed that once or twice a week of weight is enough to help minimize cognitive decline and impaired mobility in seniors.

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