Fitness apps, how to you choose yours?

The problem for most people is that they have too many choices. Take for instance the fitness tracker apps; it is almost hard to decide which apps you should be using since they are lots of them in the market nowadays.

fitness tracking apps
There are lots of apps in the market today, but some people do know what to buy.

Danny Richards, general manager and instructor at MH Yoga Health Studio, said you need to consider your goals whenever purchasing an app since it would help you identify which one would be best for you.

“They make an app for different purposes,” he said.

Apps almost come in all shape and sizes and realizing your goal will help you to decide, which apps would be best for you. Some apps can cover more category and others simply couldn’t do what is needed in them.

A fitness tracker should provide us with Graphs and charts, to show how we are progressing with our fitness goal in a day to day activity.

Most apps would supply us with the information, so that we could make better diet choices and better strength, cardiovascular and flexibility training. It won’t ask you whether you are in a fitness club or participating in a triathlon. It tracks the progress that you are making with your health. Aside from that people become aware of their daily habits because it also tracks it.

“People don’t realize how much activity they get in during the day just walking and moving around, doing house chores, doing yard work,” he said.

Fitbit monitors all motion patterns to be able to calories burned as you do anything.

“You’re able to measure your daily activity by keeping this fitness band on, and again it pairs up with a fitness app,” Richards said.

Most trackers are strap on your wrist, but there are some that are just placed on your clothing. The data is then shared in apps, so you know how well you are doing with your fitness goals. You can type in the data yourself to give more information about yourself. That way, it could make better suggestions based on your lifestyle.

Not all devices are created equal as there are devices that stand out from the rest. Take instance the one that Chris Felton is using. He claimed that most of his client uses MapMyRun on their phones.

“They can log their diet and stuff on that, they can log how much running or walking or swimming or whatever activity they want to do so it’s convenient for that,” Felton said.

He added that for most people, ease of use is what they want to use the application. Of course, they also need large data if they are serious with what they are doing. Most people found what they want in the apps for the Smartphone as they use their device in almost anywhere they go.

Most fitness apps would probably let you use the built-in GPS of your device. However, with MapMyRun, you do more of what is needed to be track like duration, distance, speed, pace, elevation, calories burned and the route traveled.

Richard noted that fitness apps would probably provide information on specific subjects, so that the user can personalize the data according to their liking. This means that the person, needed to input some data to be able to help him/her with him/her own fitness program.

The apps popularity is increasing its first release since it helps people to become healthier. It can be remembered that back in 2014, Google predicted that health niche would be the fastest growing app in the market. While that is true, you also need common sense to see some results.


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