7 Strength Training Tips for Kids

Not long ago, most people thought that strength training would be too much for teenagers, but now most of them are aware that strength training is also ideal for teens. Well, researchers had found out that strength training for kids was safe, if they got supervision from an expert. All is needed is to remember that strength training should be done in moderation.


strength training for kids
strength training for kids

What age should we allow a kid to start with strength training? Based on the research of Avery Faigenbaum , who is a professor of exercise science at the College of New Jersey, they can start with strength training as soon as they got the interest in it, they should be ready to accept instructions. Age is not much important here as some kids can start early as seven or eight years old. Strength training only does good for children.

Boys may be easy to convince to start with strength training, but you might find a hard time convincing girls about it. This is probably because most girls still believe that myth that they would become bulky when they are engaged with weight training program.

Here, are some guidelines for kids when starting with strength training:

  1. First and foremost, training should be done under the supervision of a qualified instructor who is trained or experienced to work with kids.
  2. Strength training must not be done on consecutive days, and should be performed three times per week.
  3. Their session should always begin with warm-ups like biking or walking.
  4. Learning proper techniques and principles for exercise at a young age lets the child know the value of information. They should know the necessities of proper warm-up and cool-down periods. Also, learning how to conduct training that is safe will not be forgotten as they grow older.
  5. A complete training program should consist of balance, coordination, and flexibility.
  6. Weight machines and free weights are a good way to shape up, but they aren’t the options. Trainers should know different approaches to work the muscles that needs workout and keeps the interest of the child in the program. A good replacement for exercise machines and free weights are weighted ropes, medicine balls, body weight resistance and elastic tubing.
  7. The cool down period must be a combination of stretching and intense calisthenics. Let the children perform the exercise without resistance at first. When proper technique is mastered, gradually add some resistance to the workout.

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