How to deal with a child that is not gaining weight?

A parent would want nothing less, but the best for their child. And if they notice that their child is not gaining weight then they would be worried. This would be a problem since their child might be facing an unknown problem as other children of the same age are already gaining weight healthily. If you are the parent, for sure, you would be worried since a child of that age should be gaining more weight. You would be glad to know that this article would guide you on how to deal with such problem.

child growth rate
It is said that the gaining weight of a person escalates when they are still a child. A child not gaining weight fast has some problem and you need to act upon it.

You don’t need to fret if you notice that your child is somehow not gaining more weight. You need to evaluate what kind of food they are eating as they need the right amount of nutrients for them to gain weight healthily. There is a basic guideline in the food pyramid that you need to follow.

If the child somehow stops from eating the right kind of food, you just need to be creative on how you would present the food that he needs to eat. You need to remember that calorie rich food is important for a growing child. So, you need to ensure that they would eat it; mix the cheese, beans, nuts, wheat germ and cooked chopped meat in your recipes so you can add more calories.

Another food that can be a great source of calorie is peanut butter. There are a lot of ways that you can use peanut butter to makes delicious meal such as incorporating it in recipes. Aside from peanut butter, avocado would also be a great source of healthy fat. One of the best ways to eat avocado is to make it into a juice, but you can be more creative than just that and invent some new kinds of recipe. There are also tons of recipe that uses avocado; you just need to search for it online.


For sure, moms would fret if they notice that their child isn’t growing at all. This can easily be observed if the parent is regularly monitoring the child’s growth rate using a chart. It is important to remember that a child’s growth can be affected by several factors. Bear in mind that nothing is smooth when it comes to health as there are many factors that might affect it. Whenever this happened, remember that you need to consult a specialist since they would know what to do, for sure.

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