3 Gain Weight Tips for Girls


Losing weight is a struggle for those, who want to shed some extra pounds and that is why, they think that those, who are naturally thin doesn’t have a problem. Then again, there are those that are far too thin to become healthy and they are the ones, who won’t appreciate being called thin. Honestly, losing weight and gaining weight has something in common as bought people suffering from their respective conditions aren’t happy with their body.

gain weight girls
Most of the time, girls would love to lose fat, but there are girls, who want to gain weight. Gaining weight is a problem for them.

For a skinny girl, who wants to add some weight to become fit and beautiful, getting those extra curves seems like to be a dream that they can’t achieve. Fortunately, all their worries would come away if they consult an expert regarding the matter. Anyway, the truth to the matter is that, you just need to eat more and exercise more. Well, at least, that is what would work for you since you want to gain weight healthily.

Here are a few recommendations that you need to follow:

  1. Lift those weights without worries

For most women, lifting weight is a big no- no as they are thinking that it would be a big mistake since they are going to look like those muscle bound men, who spent most of their time in the gym. If they are lifting weight, then you can be sure that they are lifting the lightest weight that they can grab their hands on. They still believe that lifting heavy weights would make them bigger.

Take note that you should be lifting heavy weights since that would help you to develop a well-define body. Don’t worry about developing some huge muscles since that won’t happen, unless you are using some drugs that would enhance the production of your testosterone.

But, it doesn’t mean that you should be concentrating on lifting heavy weights since you would get a better workout with combining lifting heavy and light weights on your workout routine.

2. Compound exercise is the best

Another mistake that most ladies would do with their exercise is by isolating their workout routine to just one muscle group. Working several groups of muscle at the same time would benefit you more than engaging in a workout that targets just one group of muscle.

Compound exercise would help you get that curvy figure you been dreaming for a long time. Examples of compound exercises are squats, bench press, deadlifts, and bent-over-rows.

Compound exercise would not only build the muscle you want, but also help you gain the weight that you been lacking. Overtime, your figure would look much better than before.

3. Eat more

This might sound like a stupid advice, but for someone who aims to develop muscles, this is sensible. Gaining weight depends on exercise and your diet. For some reason, most girls would not want to eat more simply because they don’t want to look big.

Of course, this would only happen if you are eating too much without using it. In other words, it just means that you need to exercise as you eat more.

You need to eat more since you would need the calories to gain weight.



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