Trainer says getting offtrack is not a crime

If you want to get a fitter body then you need to know that there something called rest day. This is the time wherein you wouldn’t do anything, but to sit back and relax. If you think that this isn’t the case with you then that is too bad for you. Chances are, you are, you won’t be able to keep that lifestyle in the long run.

There would be time that your will power won’t be that strong. You have to embrace and admit it. Relax, everyone makes mistakes and that is no crime. Eat a piece of cake because that won’t make you fat at all. It is just natural to enjoy life’s bounty.

But that’s OK, and, in the scheme of things, it really won’t make too much difference, as one personal trainer has explained.

It’s all about thinking long-term and developing consistency across the whole. What’s more, if you try and make your diet too extreme, cutting out all the foods you really enjoy, and exercising every day, you won’t be able to maintain that lifestyle.

Here’s what actually does make you gain fat:

“CONSISTENTLY eating too much, too many meals out, and too many takeaways over TIME,” PT Anna Rhodes wrote on Instagram.

“Maybe there’s been lots of life stuff going on, work events, moving house, whatever it is, but there’s no doubt that eating lots of chef made or processed food eventually leads to an excess of calories that you might not normally have.

“CONSISTENTLY drinking too much. Alcohol has calories in. It also makes you make less smart food choices, especially if you’re hungover and your body is craving sugars to combat tiredness.

“CONSISTENTLY not moving enough. If you’ve spent the last few months sitting at a desk, on a train or in a car, or on a sofa, then no s*** you’ve been expending less energy. Combine that with the prior two and yes you may have gained some extra lbs.”

As a trainer, Rhodes sees a lot of people getting upset because they stray from their diet and exercise. She says that it is just normal and we need to learn to forgive ourselves because those numbers going up and down means you are human after all, who is capable of doing mistakes.

A few days off-track doesn’t derail your progress as it is just a learning curve that would help you become fit. At fitness journey is a lifetime journey and not a few days.

Source: Independent

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