A fitness center wherein students help you to be fit


Don Negri , a teacher who likes to take care of his body goes to the gym regularly since the latter is filled with machines he could use. However, what even motivate more him are the young personnel, who helps him to get motivated to have a hard workout. After each session, the gym instructor pats the back of Negri for a job well done.

fitness center student
Students are working as fitness professionals. They are well-qualified instructors even if they are young.

Caden Crowston is one of the many students of Negri and is also working as a fitness professional for the Sparks Athletic Center. Negri trust Crowston not only because he is his student, but the latter is well-qualified to become a gym instructor.

The gym wasn’t new at all since it has been there for a long time, but it is only recently that Negri enrolled in the said gym. He rediscovered the gym because he has quite a few students, who are working there as an instructor. All of the students are well-certified and has the knowledge and ability to become fitness instructors.

Tom Merkle , 16 one of the few fitness instructor said that they have been benefiting from the fitness center since they make money from the fitness center at such a young age. This why; they have taken the responsibility to help clients in any way they can.

It was Bryan Smidth , director of the campus recreation, who saw the opportunity for students to make money. He renovated the fitness and medicine center; he also bought 32 pieces of new cardio equipment. People were telling him that they were bored to work out, so Smidth realizes that they would need something new to replenish the interest of people to exercise.

In Spring 2014, Smidth began hiring student fitness professionals for the said fitness center to help people get a start in their workout program. Several months later, the move was a success as people began endorsing the fitness center to their friends.



Source: Willamette

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