3 Myths about Abs Exercises


If you have been exercising for a long time now, chances are that you have encountered some myths about abs exercises before. Well, these myths sound true that many believe in them. These myths sound like they make sense and that is why; some people thought that they are true.

six pack abs
You need to sweat it out if you want to get a six-pack abs. However, it would be be faster and safer if you do it the right way.

However, sounding true and the actual truth are not the same. Below are some exercise myths for the six pack-abs.

Myth # 1: Abs exercises would get rid of those fats in your belly

Doing abdominal exercises is a popular way to get rid of those problem areas since they almost make sense. Unfortunately, almost is not good enough and people need to know the truth about these exercises. Yes, we’ll get a toned and stronger stomach with abs exercises, but you need to burn more calories than what you are consuming.

That is why; those gadgets that are sold on commercials aren’t that effective. They help to strengthen your core muscle, but they won’t do much to burn belly fat.

Myth # 2: Do 100 reps to see some results

You don’t need to do that much sit-ups just to see some result. Doing twenty crunches is enough to see results.

What you need to do is to exercise the right way. An exercise done in the wrong way is half as effective of an exercise done the right way. You just end up exhausting yourself if you are doing it incorrectly.

Also, incorrect exercise can be detrimental to you as you might incur an injury from doing it. It is important to know the proper form of an exercise routine before doing it. You need to do it all over again if you realize that you are doing it wrong. That is the only you can see some results.

Myth 3: Exercise the abs daily

You might be tempted to do abs exercises daily, but you are just going to hurt yourself doing it. You need to remember that we need to rest a part of the body, so that we could see the result. It would let the body heal itself. That is why; interval training are popular now, you need to exercise a different part of the body the next day since you would just over train if you keep on training a single part of the body day after day.


Most of the abs exercise myths almost sound true, but you need to differentiate the fact from the myth if you want to see some results. That is the only way that you would have that chiseled six-pack abs.


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