Fitness techs can’t promise you result

Experts say that some tech wears might be harming you than actually helping you. This is because you are going to look at it for hours without doing the workout to lose weight and that is not healthy at all. Fitness trackers are invented to help people to lose weight and it is one of the most booming wearable techs in the market today.

fitness tech
Fitness tech aren’t miracle workers. You still need to workout if you want to see results. Sadly people looks at tech more and less workout.

In 2014, report claimed that over US$200 billion was spent on health and fitness service and the wearable fitness devices get a huge percentage in that, as said by analyst Jim Duffy at Stifel. Duffy said that Fitbit alone was able to get US$1.8 billion last year from the booming industry. Right now the company is expecting revenue of US$2 billion for this year.

However, some experts believe that the trend might be the undoing for some people as it would not help them to lose weight and not get healthy. Psychologist Michael Woodward said that you need to spend more time working out than looking at the device to see some results and that is a problem for some since they are doing quite the opposite.

Dr. Steven C. Garner , New York Methodist Hospital’s chairman of radiology noted that wearable tech could help you become healthy if you don’t spend too much time looking at it.

“If it leads to more awareness of what you’re eating and your physical condition then that’s good,” Garner said. “But I find some people become too committed [to the tech] and then this becomes an overriding part of their life.”

There are a lot of users that are benefiting from the tech, but it is not a magic wand that would let you become fit if you are not willing to sweat. You should consult a doctor as you use time trackers for best result. Furthermore, techs are not as accurate as most people think they are.

You might see better result if you are in a group since you would be motivated by the other members, who want to lose weight since you spend time with them. According to fitness coach Jillian Michaels , it is vital to attend regular meeting as it would be beneficial to some people.



Source: South China Morning Post


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