Encourage your Children to live a Healthy Lifestyle


Our eating habits, genetic makeup and our lifestyle has something to say about our blood cholesterol levels. Sad to say, we can have a problem with our arteries even in our childhood. It is important for us to control our weight during our childhood days, so we can stay out of diabetes and the likes as we grow older.

There is always a need to start up early with healthy lifestyle such as exercise, balanced diet and stay away from bad habits. Weight management should be started early since that way, we can let the child be focus on staying healthy. That would reduce the possibility of the child to become obese and would lessen the possibility of diseases as he/she grows up. Those, who have been taught about healthy lifestyle at an early, would have a habit living with it as they grew up. Children should have their HDL and LDL closely monitored if their family has a history of it.

healthy lifestyle children
Be the role model for your children and live a healthy lifestyle. That way, you an be their hero and they would live a healthy lifestyle throughout their lives.

The following would help your children to stay healthy throughout their life:

Show your children that you have a healthy eating habit, so that it would encourage them to eat healthy too. You need to be the role model, so you need to eat healthy all the time, so they would have someone to look up to. That means that you need to eat healthy throughout fatherhood, which means for the rest of your life.

If you or your spouse has a history of diabetes then you need to monitor your child blood sugar as well to make sure that nothing is wrong with them.

Show the children that you like to exercise to encourage them to do it too. Let them participate in school activities since that would keep them active. When they grew up, they would never part ways with that lifestyle. They might not like it at first, but be adamant with your decision till they say yes to sports.


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