Fitness program works well because of the people working together

If you find working out something fun to do then fitness won’t be a problem for you, but that is not how everyone finds it. For most of us, it is rather hard to keep up with the schedule since we are busy with their own lives. It would be easier for us to stay at home and sit in front of the TV.

Going to the gym works for almost everyone since they got motivated by the other fitness enthusiast in the gym. Thing don’t get boring anymore if you see someone doing it over and over. In fact, they would be motivating you in the process and that works with them too. This is the reason why gym studios gets lots of clients.

“It’s more motivating than being out on that machine by yourself,” said Terrill Meier, group fitness director at the Aberdeen Family YMCA. “If it’s miserable, you won’t stick with it. It’s got to be enjoyable.”

While certainly not the only place to offer group fitness in Aberdeen, the YMCA has a large variety of classes, from yoga to Zumba to aquatic sessions, Meier said.

“You need a wide variety of things you’re doing,” she said. “There’s good things about all of them.”

There are classes rated for beginners and for those who are more advanced, but anyone should feel comfortable going to whatever class fits his or her schedule, Meier said. If something is too hard, participants can do a modification or take a break until they’re ready to rejoin the action.

All you need to do is to get out there and do it, eventually, you would catch up with almost everyone in the gym. There is nothing hard about that since you would get the motivation you need from other people who are also working out in the gym.

There are not such things as fitness level in a gym since you would progress as you want too. You don’t’ need to compete with other people to get fit. You just need to do whatever you can and eventually, you would get there.

“It’s not about how you look, it’s that you’re healthy,” Meier said. “You’re working the most important muscle of the body — your heart.”

There are yoga and stretching classes; cardio workouts like Zumba, cycling and step aerobics; strength-training classes like Les Mills Bodycombat, sculpt and tone and kettlebells; and classes that use the pool, like aquacize and Hydrorider — cycling in water.

The branded classes — Les Mills courses and Zumba — cost a little more for the YMCA to offer, but they provide instructors with choreography synced up to music, Meier said.

Working out can be a boring routine and that is the reason that there are music in the gym. It makes working out a little less fun.

When it comes down to it, group fitness is more than a workout, Meier said. It’s a place to find friends.

“You get to know the people,” she said. “Pretty soon you’re coming to that class because Suzy’s going to be there. Suzy’s going to say, ‘Where were you?’ if you miss.”


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