What exactly is Strength Training

Strength training seems to be the most popular exercises as this is what I always encounter whenever I go to the gym. If you are wondering what this strength training is, the answer is simple. It is a collaboration of exercises that works your body so hard.

strength training defined
It is important that we know what we are doing, otherwise we will always be walking blindly.

The movement that needs muscles to work against outside resistance will certainly build up some muscle, bone, tendon, or ligament. When it is done consistently then we have strength training. If you’re doing it three times a week and combine it with stretching and aerobic workout then we have a complete fitness program.
When you have a complete health program, your muscle tends to become tighter and leaner because it turns the fat into muscle. Muscle burns more calories than fat. Strength training improves your metabolism. Once metabolism increases, it lessens the occurrence of many chronic illnesses. Aside from preventing chronic diseases, the boosted metabolic rate helps in proper mental function. Strength training also builds up bones and helps balance the body so that it lessens falls.
There are different types of strength training. Among all the types, only isometrics are problematical. Isometrics can be a problem since it only strengthens muscles in the exact position of the isometric force. Additionally, it heightens blood pressure –risky for those with cardiac or stroke risks.
Gravity helps in resistance training as the weights helps in working most of the body parts. Barbells can be unsafe since they are too large–it’s easy to lose control–but are good for the heavier range. They require a bigger space. The best places to have these are gyms since they have the space for it and there are trainers that are always there to help spot these weights.
Among the weights, dumbbells are the most common form of weight that can almost be seen anywhere. It can be used in the office or on the comfort of your home as it is easy to store.
Other equipment that can be use in the comfort of your home is the resistance bands or tubes. Each color has a different resistance level, with lighter colors having less resistance and darker, more. You will have rainbow of colors as you progress using bands to help you build strength. If you just came from injury, it would be advisable to start with light resistance.
It is always advisable to learn using such equipment at the fitness centers since they could guide you in the proper usage of such equipment, but if you are the kind of person who likes to do their own research then you can head over to the internet.


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