14 Don’ts in Strength Training for Female Athletes


Strength training helps people to get stronger and it should be a vital component of an exercise routine. However, most girls believe that they would look bulky since that is how guys look. Yes, it is true that guys are generally stronger then gals, but the fact is, it doesn’t mean that the latter shouldn’t engage in strength training. It is very beneficial since the more muscle you have on your body; the easier it is to burn fat. And most of all, gals won’t need to fear having those huge muscles that they would hate to have since they don’t have the testosterone for it.

You need to know the don’t s in strength training , so that you can avoid them.

Most female athletes know this fact and they have pushed themselves to the limit knowing that they don’t have to fear anything since they won’t bulk up no matter what they do. Now, if you are convince and dream of becoming an athlete then you should read this article. You should have a program that would guide you on building your strength. Make sure that you avoid these lists:

Things to avoid in strength training

  1. Don’t get in a development lag with your strength training, which means that you should not be years behind your opponent when it comes to strength training and power levels. If you ever dream of becoming a great athlete then you need to start with your strength training routine as early as possible.
  2. Don’t just glide the dumbbells in the weight room as that won’t help you build strength. This won’t help you to be a good athlete and might gets you injured during the play.
  3. Don’t wait till you are high-school since you can start as early elementary if you are serious with your sport.
  4. Don’t believe that you would get bulky as most people would say.
  5. Don’t’ just copy a strength training program from another sport since that works well for that particular sport, but won’t help you much in your sport. You need to find a program that would help you to be on top of your game.
  6. Don’t start with your jump training routine, till you know the proper jumping technique.
  7. Avoid full squats as much as possible.
  8. Don’t run up and down the stairs to condition you. This put way too much stress on the knees and might result to a knee injury.
  9. Forget about machine exercises since that would only exercise a few part of the body. You need a functional training program and those machines can’t give you that.
  10. Don’t exercise through pain. You need to rest till your injury is gone.
  11. Never do downhill running on a consistent basis.
  12. Don’t do strength training if you would just do it for a short time. You need to be consistent if you want to see results.
  13. Stop playing to exhaustion as that wouldn’t help at all. Instead you need to go on your regular strength training routine as that would help you to become stronger and would prepare you in your sport.
  14. Don’t forget about your diet. You would need the energy that you would get from three to four meals a day in your strength training routine. You won’t be at your 100% if you have a poor diet. You need to give it your all when you are in strength training or in a practice game to become better.

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