3 Myths About Cardio Exercise

Cardio exercise otherwise known as aerobic exercise has a lot of benefits to the body. Not only does it strengthens the heart muscles, but also improves respiration, provides muscle tone, reduces the risk of heart disease, and increases bodily energy and endurance. You can get cardio exercises through aerobics, running, basketball, tennis, boxing, rope skipping, and dancing. However, some fitness buffs believe in certain myths about cardiovascular exercises. I want to tackle these common myths about cardio exercises.

cardio myths
Stop believing those cardio myths as they are not good for you.

Myth #1:You can burn off more fat if you don’t eat breakfast before doing your morning cardio exercise.” Doing cardio exercise before eating should not be practiced since the body temperature is at its lowest during the morning hours, and so it will take you longer than usual to warm up and get your muscles working. Aside from what I already shared, you can’t burn off more fat if you do your cardio exercise before eating breakfast. The best time to burn those fats off is when you are sleeping.


Myth #2:You should do cardio exercise before doing weight training.” Some instructors still implement this to their clients. Little do they know that it is better doing the cardio exercise after a session of lifting weights! Cardio exercises use the glycogen stored in your muscles. When you are doing strength training, you have less glycogen for strength training. Glycogen needed in building those muscles.


Myth #3:You have to sweat to get the most out of cardio exercise.” Sweating means that your body is too hot. Sweating allows the body to cool down. It has nothing to do with how effective your workout is, and even light exercise such as walking that does not make you sweat can help you get rid of a substantial number of calories.

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