Facts and Myths concerning Facial Exercises

As technology takes place, it is harder to have a youthful look nowadays because of the abuse that we are doing to our body. Facial exercises become widespread for both men and women in their quest to look younger, but there are myths about surrounding facial exercise regimens. We have to distinguish fact from myths.

facial exercises
facial exercises

Yoga exercise is one of the most popular form of facial exercises are, they are made of techniques used on various parts of the face and neck to firm sagging face skin, eradicate hog jowls and double chin, revitalize skin color, tighten turkey neck, and smooth out face and eye wrinkles. Some face exercise programs entail isometric principles, and some employ massage techniques that use fingertips.

Here are facts and fiction about facial exercises:

Myth: The facial structure of the face can be altered, but facial exercise can’t.

Fact: There are some cases when the person changes their face structure using facelift exercises, just not as fast and as drastic as cosmetic surgery. Concentrating on certain regions allows you to achieve your goal much quicker. Facial exercise that focuses on eye bags helps a person to become much younger. However, facial yoga is not effectual for fixing birth defects or damage caused by an accident.

Myth: Surgically cutting away loose skin in order to firm turkey neck, lift sagging face skin and hanging jowls and to solve a double chin problem outshines painstakingly massaging these areas.

Fact: Surgical lifting of sagging skin is just temporary. It means that you will need another surgery after a few years. It is more advisable to perform face and neck exercises since it keep the skin firm and toned.

Myth: DIY Non-surgical facelifts can’t be compared to plastic surgery procedures.

Fact: Cosmetic surgery affects the body’s natural energy lines and nodal points. Facial exercises don’t interrupt the body’s natural line; they are also gentle, non-invasive, and boost the energy and blood flow.

Myth: Facial exercises must be done daily and remembering the technique use is complicated and time consuming.

Fact: Facelift exercises should be done for about twenty minutes every day. In general, there are twenty points that needs to be massage on the face and neck, it takes one minute for each point to be massage

Myth: Facelift exercises can be painful. It also damages the sinuses.

Fact: Face exercises are applied by fingertips firmly to very specific pressure points. It doesn’t have to be too firm that it could cause pain or discomfort.

Myth: Facial yoga, or exercises doesn’t have the same effect as creams, lotions, Botox, thermage, laser treatments as an anti-aging skin care routine to smooth out eye wrinkles(crow’s feet), laugh and forehead lines.

Fact: Facial yoga is another way to smoothen wrinkles, and forehead lines. Besides regularly using Botox and other artificial methods can be hazardous for you.

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