Why we should Stay Away from Celebrity Weight Loss Program?

In our society, we look up to celebrities when it comes to almost everything. We tend to mimic anything that they do at least there are some people who would do this). This is also the same thing when it comes to weight loss.

before and after weight loss
before and after weight loss

However, their weight loss program might not work for us since their determination is so great that they succeed where most people fails. What motivates them to lose weight? They need to look slimmer because it is there job. Have you ever seen any fat celebrity having much product endorsement? Most of them, would try anything that makes them slimmer, sometimes even the wrong methods such as surgery, pills, drastic diet plans, and even starvation or vomiting.

Another reason, they are successful with their weight loss program is that they got the money to enlist the service of trainers and nutritionists, who will help them focus on their specific needs.

However, that is not the case with ordinary people like us. We don’t get to enjoy these types of perks!

What are our options?

Join a Reality TV Program

Have you heard of The Biggest Loser? It’s a reality TV show that prompts a group of people to lose weight. The person who lost the most at the end of the show wins the reward money. Sadly, there are only few people chosen for this show.

Adopting the Same Approach Taken By The TV Program On Your Own

But the risk you’ll be taking is great! Experts claimed that dramatic weight loss affects glucose and insulin levels. So, if you have a pre-existing medical condition, this is not for you. Some people aren’t aware that they have diseases. They just find it when they went to the doctor. Don’t forget teat programs like The Biggest Loser, which are supported by their network. The network wouldn’t want anyone on the show suffering from diseases. Of course, they got all the help they needed. In your case, you’re all alone! No one will be there to help you.

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery tightens the stomach to the point that it can only accommodate the least amount of food. This usually cost US$30,000 or more depending on your surgeon. Aside from that, it is also dangerous since they are going to open your belly. On top of that, insurance doesn’t cover this type of surgery, meaning that it would be paid from your own money.

Try One Of Their Weight Plans

Many celebrities have their own “personalized weight and diet plan.” Take note of the word “personalized” before proceeding with their weight and diet plan! It means that it doesn’t work for everyone.


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