Common Terms used in Strength Training

How often have you hears trainer and bodybuilders talk about gym jargons? To tell you the truth, back when I was still starting out, I had a hard time understanding their gym lingo. If you’re reading this, then you are also having some trouble understanding their lingo. I decided to make this article to get newbie to understand trainers.

Strength training terms
Strength training terms

Here, are some mostly used terms on gyms:


Glutes or Gluteus Maximus

This muscle can be found in the buttocks. Glutes can be exercised by doing squats and leg curls. You can also condition this muscle by running and doing high step ups.


This can be found at the front of your thigh. Lunges, squats and leg workout routines are ideal workout for targeting this muscle. But you can also condition this muscle through running. Some machines that can be to exercise quadriceps are stationary bicycles, stair climbers and elliptical machines.


These muscles belong at the back of the thigh. The same exercise used to condition quadriceps can be sued in this muscle. Both muscle work hand in hand together and support each other.

Hip Abductor and Adductors

This muscle located outside the legs. Abductor machines are ideal to target this muscle. To work your inner thighs, you can just change the setting of the machine.

Calf Muscles

These muscles can be found at the back at the back of your legs. Calf raise is the best way to condition this muscle.

Erector Spinae

These muscles found at the lower back. Dead lifts, squats and rowing can condition this muscle. This supports to body. This is the muscles that give you balance and posture.

Abs or Abdominals

These are the core muscles. Crunches and curl-ups are ideal to condition these muscles.

Pecs or Pectoralis Major

These belong to the chest area. Exercises that can be done to exercise this muscles are push-ups, pull-ups or chin-ups, chest press, and chest fly. If you want optimum results, you modify the recommended exercises.


These belong in between the shoulder blades. This muscle can be conditioned by using cable cross pulls, chin ups, chest fly when done lying down and rowing exercises.


These can be found in the neck and shoulder area. Should rotation and shoulder fly targets the said area.

Lasitimus Dor

These muscles give you the V-shape form to your body, which shrinks to your waist. Lateral pulls, rows with your arm bent and dip exercises are ideal to work out this area.


These are muscles that can be found at the shoulder caps. Shoulder rotation is the best exercise for this muscle.


This must have been the most popular muscle. This muscle belongs in front of the upper arm. These muscles can be seen whenever you’re flexing. You can condition this muscle through the use of bicep curls, rows and pulls.


This can be found at the back of your arm. Triceps extension can help you conditions this muscle. They can also be targeted through lifts and dips that target your back.



Repetitions or reps refer to how many times you do an exercise move. It is a complete movement when exercising.


Set is a group of repetition. The idea behind the set is for a speedy recovery. The muscle can recover at the end of the set, thus allowing you to perform more repetition of the same exercise.

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